Language Classes
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Language Classes

Those refugees previously unable to participate in integration courses due to their temporary residence status are welcome to attend german language courses offered by volunteers.

Please visit the Protestant Community Center in Idstein Mondays at 09.00am, and Mrs. Lisy will help you find the right course

E-Learning Refugee Group Idstein

Language Course for Young People between the Ages of 17 & 27

Wednesdays, 04.00pm - 06.00pm, at the "Internationaler Bund IB", Language Learning Café (organized by the Youth Migration Service), Grunerstraße 58, Idstein, Telephone: +49 6126 1884

Adult Education Language Courses at the "Volkshochschule"

The "Volkshochschule Rheingau-Taunus" is an additional education program that also offers courses for adults. Besides offering a chance to participate in many different kinds of projects related to both additional vocational and lifelong training, several different types of German courses are available. Please note that participation is mandatory and there is tuition fee.

Goethe Institut Courses

Self-Learn Video Arabic-German

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