Praktische Hinweise für Flüchtlinge und Flüchtlingshelfer - Help and contacts for Refugees



This booklet provides a lot of important information that might be helpful for you to orient yourself in Idstein. It is available in 10 languages. 





There are 14 kindergartens in Idstein for children from one to six years old. Refugee children are entitled to kindergarten day care once they are one year old. The fees for part-time care will be paid for by the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis Special Service for Migration.

To register for a seat in a municipal kindergarten:


Kerstin Rodloff

Postal Adress

Magistrat der Stadt Idstein
König-Adolf-Platz 2
65510 Idstein

Office Adress

Am Hexenturm 10
65510 Idstein

Telephone: +49 6126 78-333
Fax: +49 6126 78-9333
E-Mail: kerstin(dot)rodloff(at)idstein(dot)de

Office hours are

Mondays - Fridays 8.00am - 12.00
Thursdays 3.00pm - 18.00 pm

Public School System

Elementary Schools

Idstein has four elementary schools, each of which has an in-school association that offers pupils supervision, academic- and project-related support along with counselling. In order to participate, pupils are required to register at the elementary school they will be attending.

Please bring the following documents for registration:
- Pupil's birth certificate with a translation
- Pupil' evidence of residence status

In order to complete the registration process, at least one parent/legal guardian must accompany the child.


Grundschule Auf der Au

Immersion Programs

Depending on the number of new arrivals and their education levels, schools offer mandatory immersion programs, which are designed to help pupils, usually in groups of between 12 an 16, learn the German language basics.

High Schools/Secondary Schools

The Rheingau-Taunus District an Wiesbaden State Capital School Board
Walter-Hallstein-Straße 3-5
65197 Wiesbaden

Telephone:+49 611 8803-466

In order to complete the registration process, at least one Parent/legal guardian must accompany the child.

The following documents are required:
- Passport or other reliable document stating child's age and identity
- Document(s) confirming child's residens status
- Proof of Residence issued by the Resident Registration Office ("Einwohnermeldeamt")
- Request for School Transportation (completed form)

The Refugee Registration and Counseling Serice will screen children to evaluate their language knowledge. Thsi process makes it possible to select the appropriate school. The school should then be contacted to discuss how to best complete the school enrollment process. 

Public transfer


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